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Hi, I’m Lindsay. This site is a companion to my corresponding YouTube channel where I share how-tos, tutorials, instructions, and helpful tricks for installing, assembling, and using home-based medical equipment.

I understand that your medical equipment needs for yourself, your loved one, client or friend can be quite overwhelming.  Sometimes, you may receive a lot of help from a healthcare professional.  Other times, unfortunately, not.

That’s why I’m here.  To help you navigate the ever increasingly complicated decisions and tasks that can be required for using medical equipment in your home.

A bit more about me! I have been a licensed OT in Michigan since 2012 and have split my time working inpatient at a word class rehab hospital and home-based therapy providers. I have specialized in trauma recovery and neurological rehabilitation. I have also spent many years working with incredible assistive technology and custom equipment specialists to problem solve complex care needs. I am passionate about bridging the gap between the hospital world and the home environment. My ultimate goal is to create a library of content to provide easily accessible information to anyone coping with physical or cognitive limitations.

I am available via email at: lindsay [at] equipmeot [dot] com

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Always talk to your medical professional before deciding or changing the medical equipment that you utilize and how you should use it.