2022 EquipMeOT Gift Guide

2022 Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again! Time for the 2022 EquipMeOT gift guide! This curated list includes a variety of ideas to improve comfort, independence, and safety for you and your loved ones this holiday season!


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Shoulder Heating Pad

A gray shoulder heating pad faces forward against a light blue background. On the left is a charging cord with inline remote with digital display.

Full coverage heat from neck to low back with the addition of shoulders. This heating pad ties at the waist and attaches across the collar bone for easy wearability and comfort!

Ice/Heat Slippers

A pair of blue slippers are facing forward angled to the left. The name "rapid relief" is written on top of them.

Whether your feat are sensitive from neuropathy, arthritis, injury or general over-use, hot and cold slippers are an awesome tool for comfort! These go in the freezer or microwave and slide on without any extra steps.

Multi-Positional Wedge

A woman resting on a gray wedge cushion with an image of elevated legs on the same gray wedge cushion in the upper corner.

I love this wedge. I have owned it for 2 years and still find new ways to use it due to it’s adjustable positions! Lower body swelling, acid reflux, knee pain, you name it! This wedge really has you covered.

Weighted Sleeping Mask

A purple sleep mask made of soft fabric.

I love a good black out sleep mask, but this one is like a black out mask mixed with a weighted blanket for your face! It’s comfy, flexible in its positioning (side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper unite!), and comes in a rainbow of color options.

Shower Seat Cushion

A gray seat cushion with holes for drainage sitting on top of a plastic shower chair.

She’s not the prettiest gift of the bunch, but what a game changer for someone who sits for their showers! Not only does this add serious comfort, but it also reduces the slip from soapy wet plastic that can add to fear of falling while showering!

Pill Organizer

A green and blue pill organizer set on top of a magnetic gray base. A hand is inserting pills through the top of the organizer lid.

The sagely pill organizer has been an all-time favorite for years. The push-in top the safest way to add pills without the fear of spilling and the overall size is second to none on the market! The magnetic storage tray makes this the perfect pill organizer for someone on the go.

Electric Drink Dispenser

A bottle of pink liquid is being dispensed via an electric, push-button dispenser into a cup.

This one is so fun and can add a great deal of independence to the kitchen. Simply apply to the top of any drink container and make it a hands-free beverage dispenser! Great for beverages or even to pour milk on a bowl of cereal!

Able Tray

A woman is coming to a stand using a handle attached to a swiveling tray supported under the side of a chair.

The Able Tray has been in constant use at my house since I bought it a few years ago. It not only acts as a physical support for getting up and down from our soft chair, but also provides a super flexible table top option that we use for everything from eating meals to working on our computers. It’s pricey but extremely well made and has never let me down!

Robo Twist

A white device with a green button and gray arms used to grip a jar for hands-free container management.

Robo Twist is truly one of the most unique kitchen gadgets I’ve ever used. It simply makes opening the most stubborn jars/containers as easy as a push of a button! It is sure to impress!

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