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How to Install a Grab Bar | Moen (8724) 24″ Bathroom Grab Bar

Know you need to install a grab bar? Don’t know where to start?

Worry no more, in this post, I will describe how to you can install an inexpensive grab bar in your bathroom easily with a few simple tools and techniques.

Grab bars are essential to providing a safe bathroom environment. A securely applied grab bar can significantly reduce the risk of falls and support improved transfer independence.

This post provides detailed instructions on how to install an inexpensive, 24-inch (60 cm) Moen grab bar vertically next to a shower entrance. This grab bar is low cost and relatively simple to install.

This installation will require a few tools, for example, a drill and screw driver, but I can assure you, the process is straightforward and you do not need to be master contractor to install this grab bar. You do, however, need to follow a few simple safety guidelines.

If you prefer a video how-to, please check out my video on my YouTube Channel!


Estimated Time: 30 Minutes

Estimated Cost: $25* USD

Please note: Before we begin, you need to make sure you follow all the instructions and warnings provided by the manufacturer.  The steps below are only to provide guidance with installing or assembling equipment, but you should always follow the warnings and instructions provided by the manufacturer and always speak with your medical team before adding new equipment to your routine.


moen grab bar-brushed nickel


Blue Painter's Tape
Zircon Stud Finder
Dewalt Drill and Impact Driver
Dewalt drill bits
  • Level
  • Pencil


  1. Mark Grab Bar Placement
  2. Gather Tools and Supplies
  3. Locate Stud
  4. Mark Mounting Holes
  5. Drill Pilot Holes
  6. Screw in Grab Bar
  7. Finishing

Step 1: Mark Grab Bar Placement

Before you install a grab bar, it is important that you pick the correct spot to place your grab bar.

There are a lot of considerations that go into how to decide grab bar placement; far too many to cover in this post. Luckily, we covered this topic in another post already! I highly recommend you read that first if you need advice on where to place your grab bar.

Mark the spot where you want your grab bar to go with a line of blue painter’s tape to help you visualize the final position of the grab bar. Once you have decide the final placement, you can remove the blue painter’s tape (but keep it nearby…you’ll need it later).

We’ve have already decided to place our grab bar vertically on the wall just outside the shower entrance and marked it with blue painter’s tape.

We marked the positions for grab bars using blue painter’s tape. The arrow shows where we will be installing this grab bar outside the shower on the wall.

Step 2: Gather Tools and Supplies

First things first, gather up all the tools and supplies that you will need to install the grab bar. You don’t want to start installing a grab bar and realize that you don’t have a tool or supply you need.

When you install grab bar, you need a stud finder. I use this with some additional referencing for measuring to figure out exactly where my studs are located.

Stud finder scanning for stud in wall - how to install a grab bar
A stud finder is essential for identifying studs in the wall to use for installing a grab bar

A roll of painters tape is good to mark out placement and the location of studs and makes it easy to write on smooth surfaces like tile. A good level is handy to make sure your grab bar is level and a pencil to mark your holes on the painters tape.

Level, Pencil, and Painter's tape - How to Install a Grab Bar
Painter’s tape, pencil, and level, along with stud finder, will help with installing a grab bar

I used a drill driver with a 1/8th inch (3.175 mm for those using the metric system) drill bit to drill the holes into the studs for the screws. I also used an impact driver, which is optional, to fasten the screws in place.

Impact Driver and Drill - How to Install a Grab Bar
A drill (below) is required for installation, but an impact driver (above) is optional

Step 3: Locate Stud

First, you need to locate a stud for attaching the grab bar to. I located my stud using my stud finder.

If you followed along in our first step, then you should still have painter’s tape on the wall where you wanted to install the grab bar. Remember how I said you would need painter’s tape again? Use painter’s tape to mark the edges of the stud. You can do this by either removing the tape that you used for marking the placement and using that or use new tape.

Mark stud location with painter's tape - How to Install a Grab Bar
We located a stud with our stud finder and marked the left edge of the stud with painter’s tape

Step 4: Mark Mounting Holes

Grab your level, pencil, and grab bar. Hold your grab bar up against the wall with the top or bottom on the blue tape you used to mark the stud location, using your level to get it plumb (vertical).

Once that’s done, mark at least three holes through the grab bar flanges with the pencil. These marks will be used for drilling the holes which the screws will use for mounting the grab bar to the wall. Set the supplies down and move onto drilling the holes.

Mark holes with pencil
Mark the position of the grab bar for three holes with a pencil. Notice the painter’s tape behind the grab bar we used to mark the location of the stud in the wall

TIP: Use the painter’s tape to tape the flange covers in place somewhere on the bar to keep them from moving around and getting in the way.

tape flanges of grab bar in position
Apply painter’s tape to the flange covers to keep them in position.

Step 5: Drill Pilot Holes

Using the drill and the 1/8″ drill bit, line up your drill bit on one of the pre-marked holes that you made in the last step and start drilling until you hit the stud and then reverse out. Do this for all of the holes.

Pre-drill pilot holes before installing grab bar
Drill the pilot holes with the 1/8th inch bit.

Step 6: Screw in Grab Bar

Now is time to mount the grab bar to the wall. Line up your grab bar with your holes and check to see if it’s vertical.

While holding it in place, hand start a screw on the top of the bar and finish screwing it in with your impact driver.

Do NOT screw all of screws to the top flange yet. You’ll want to make sure your grab bar is lined-up on top and bottom before you screw every screw to the wall.

After the first screw is in on the top, line up the bottom of the bar with its holes and check that it is vertical with your level. If it is (and it should be) drill a screw through one of the holes on the bottom. Check your the grab bar is plumb and level once again. If so, put in the rest of the screws and tighten them all down to wall.

Give the grab bar a tug. The grab bar should be nice and secure.

Screw in grab bar
Apply the grab bar to the wall, line up the holes, and drill screws into position.

TIP: An impact driver is not necessary, the drill with a phillips head screw bit will get the job done too. The impact driver just makes the job a bit easier.

Step 7: Finishing

Remove the tape from the flanges and snap them into place. Just like that, you now have a really nice solid grab point to help with stepping in and out of your tub and or shower!

Apply flange covers on the grab bar.
Place flange covers over the exposed ends of the grab bar and clip into position.

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