How to put on compressions socks without tools

How to Put on Compression Socks Without Tools

Ever find yourself needing a little extra help putting on compressions socks? Don’t have a tool around to help? No worries!

I’ll show you a FREE way to put on a compression sock without tools using only a grocery bag.

Compression socks are important for management of many common conditions. So, if you are in a pinch or just want a little extra help putting on compression socks, this technique can be a great way to continue to management your conditions with compression socks.

This technique will only require a plastic grocery bag and scissors. However, if you want a longer-term solution, you could consider a compression sock donning tool. If you want to see how these tools work, we’ve done another blog post on how to put on compression socks with a compression sock tool.

This video will begin where I talk about this technique


Estimated Time: 10 mins
Estimated Cost: Free

Supplies Needed:

  • Plastic Bag
  • Scissors


Step 1: Stretch and Cut Opening for Bag

Straighten and tighten plastic bag for putting on compression sock

Holding the ends of a grocery bag in both hands, pull and extend the bag into a straight-line.

Bottom cut-out of plastic bag for putting on compression sock

Using a pair of scissors, cut a large opening in the bottom of the bag leaving a large hole where the bottom once was. It is important to cut the bottom of the bag. You will need the handles on the top of the bag later.

Step 2: Place Compression Sock Over The Bag

plastic bag inside compression sock
Put compression sock over plastic bad with handles sticking out

Place the sock over the bag with the hole of the bag at the toe of the compression sock and the handles sticking out the top of the compression sock.

Step 3: Place Foot and Pull Handles

Pull compression sock on using plastic bag
Pull compression sock over your leg using bag handles

Now, carefully place your the foot into the opening of the sock and pull the handles on the bag until your foot is securely in the compression sock. Continue pulling the bag the rest of the way up the leg, which will pull the compression sock over the remainder of the leg.

Step 4: Pull the Bag Out

Remove plastic bag after compression sock is on foot
Pull the bad out of the top of the sock and off your foot

When the compression sock is all the way on your leg, pull the bag out the top of the sock and drop it off your foot.

Check the sock for wrinkles, pinches, or rolls to ensure it is on properly.

That’s it! A quick, free trick to putting on a compression sock using no tools.

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